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Our Home ....

When we purchased our house in March of 2020, we decided to honor the Victorian tradition and name our home. In brainstorming, we believed a family name should not be attached to it, as so many have lived here over the past 125 years, and many more for generations to come.

I researched Victorian house names, created a list of contenders, and we voted unanimously to call our home :
Sunnyside Manor

Built by Miles McNair in Brodhead, Wisconsin in 1896, Sunnyside is exemplarily of Queen Anne architecture, with exquisite woodwork and original detailing throughout. N. K. Aldrich was the architect, and Randall Gardner the builder. 

A bit about myself ....

My name is Jessica Colaluca, and I am a designer who also has enjoyed over a decade on the interwebs as a successful blogger creating Design Seeds.

Slow living has been a longtime lifestyle goal, and with our purchase of Sunnyside in early spring of 2020, I have enjoyed a fast return (orchestrated by the Covid pandemic) to my roots of making and passion for the home arts. From gardening, to antique hunting, to crocheting ... my days are filled with crafting and homemaking.

Professionally, in addition to Design Seeds, I work as a designer via my business, Seed Design Consultancy.


Finally, my favorite passion project these days is a blog dedicated to documenting the genealogy and tales of the families who came before us via Lap of Legends.

With having spent over 12 years blogging about color and featuring international creative talent, it is natural to transition to what I call "blogging local," sharing the stories of those who have paved the way for us, and no longer have a voice to tell their stories.

Thank you for taking time to explore the Sunnyside Manor blog, and looking forward to posting here in the future ...